Medical Service

Medicines Permeated with Benevolence Provided to Hard-up Families in South Hwanghae Province

Hard-up families in South Hwanghae Province, the country’s major breadbasket, were provided with the medicines prepared by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and his family out of his sincere wish that peace and laughter would come back again to all the families in the country. 

The people made a deep bow for his benevolence for them who are leading others in agricultural production of the country. 

Upon receiving the medicines, which they had never dreamed of, the workers and farmers in Haeju Kumgang Youth Smeltery, Haeju Ryongdang Fishermen’s Cooperative, Haeju Construction Machine Factory, Haeju Farm Machine Factory, Jaeryong County Food Administration Agency, Madu Cooperative Farm of Unchon County, Thaethan County Farm Machinery Station, Jangyon County Medium and Small-sized Rivers Management Station and Kangnyong County Road Management Station and an A-class honoured disabled soldier living in Neighbourhood Unit No. 204 in Chongdan County Town said that the socialist system is the best in the world as it has the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un as the father of the people.

And they said: As there is the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea which would come closer to the people the harder the time is, we are sure to win victory in the anti-epidemic effort. Then they shouted “Long live the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un,” looking up to the sky over Pyongyang.   

Meanwhile, true to the noble intention of Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, who gives the top and absolute priority to the people’s interests and convenience, the families of the officials of the WPK Central Committee donated 236 170 medicines of 294 kinds to the people in Jaeryong , Unchon , Thaethan , Jangyon , Kangnyong and Chongdan counties and other areas.

Receiving the great affection and trust of the Party, the officials and working people of South Hwanghae Province keenly realized the boundless affection of the Party Central Committee for the people of the province, the country’s largest agricultural province.  

The officials of the provincial Party and government organizations expressed their determination to devote their all to the people whom the Party takes so much care of, always mindful of the fact that the victory of the emergency anti-epidemic work in their region depends entirely on the role of the local Party organizations and officials and that they have assumed full responsibility for the anti-epidemic work before the Party.