Medical Service

Anti-epidemic Campaign Intensified in Line with Top Emergency Anti-epidemic System

North Phyongan Province is organizing and implementing all programmes promptly and correctly in line with the top emergency anti-epidemic system.

Cherishing loyalty to the Party and revolution, spirit of devotion to the people and responsibility for their duty in the current anti-epidemic struggle to safeguard the people’s lives and safety, the officials of the provincial Party and government organs are arranging operations and guidance in a scrupulous manner.

They are further intensifying supervision and control to ensure that all regions and units in the province accept the directives and orders of the central emergency anti-epidemic sector without condition and implement them thoroughly.

While enlisting all means of information and motivation work and conducting a political information campaign in an aggressive manner so that the residents correctly understand the emergency measures of the state and give full play to self-awareness in implementing them, the province is paying primary attention to organizing economic work in a meticulous way and stabilizing the people’s living to the maximum.

As the work and production activities are being conducted with the work units, production units and living units separated from each other, the emergency anti-epidemic sector takes practical measures so that no deviation would appear. 

The province is intensifying blockade and anti-epidemic surveillance and making exacting demands on people to abide by the system of promptly notifying relevant organs of abnormal phenomena.

Having conducted strict medical check-up over all residents, medical workers and hundreds of teachers, students and postgraduates of Sinuiju College of Medical Sciences are directing all efforts to isolating and treating patients with fever.

All the factories and enterprises of the province including Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, Sinuiju Textile Mill, Amnokgang General Foodstuff Factory and Provincial Condiments Factory are ensuring normal operation, while disinfecting offices, production areas and equipment at regular intervals.

Builders who are engaged in the construction of Sinuiju Teachers Training College, provincial sci-tech library and provincial medical supplies factory and the renovation of Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Mill are pushing ahead with the projects according to schedule and plan, while strictly abiding by the measure of separating each unit.