Medical Service

Emergency State Measures Taken to Quickly Contain the Spread of the Infectious Disease

True to the idea and spirit of the Eighth Political Bureau Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the consultative meetings of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, the state is taking various emergency steps for maintaining the initiative in the anti-epidemic campaign and promptly bringing the spread of the infectious disease under control.

According to the emergency measures taken by the Party and the state, regions, work units, production units and residential units in all provinces, cities and counties across the country were completely isolated from one another from the morning of May 12 and strict examination of all residents is now underway.

More than 1 349 000 people have been mobilized in hygienic information work, health checkup and treatment of patients so far. Having found out and quarantined all those with fever and abnormal symptoms, they are striving to treat them.

Epidemic prevention stations have been multiplied for completely cutting off the influx and spread of the malignant virus, and every unit and region are taking intensive measures for eliminating pores and weak points in anti-epidemic efforts.

Medicines are being transported and supplied as quickly as possible to curative and preventive institutions including hospitals and clinics throughout the country. 

Many cadres, including officials of the Central Committee of the WPK and ministries and central organs, have donated spare medicines.

Public health and anti-epidemic sectors are closely observing the characteristics of the course of the disease and confirming scientific and proper treatment tactics.

Since the current epidemic crisis broke out in the country, there has been a loss of lives among people, most of which was caused owing to careless usage of drugs because they did not know well about stealth o mutated virus or scientific medical treatment methods for the disease. Various undertakings have been launched to put this to rights at an early date.

Extensive explanation and information work is being conducted among the people so as to erase their anxieties about the malignant disease, give them confidence that they can overcome the disease quickly if they apply treatment methods indicated by a correct guide and inform them of treatment methods and common knowledge of hygiene.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector organized investigation and research teams for correctly clarifying the course and cause of the infection. They are paying attention to enhancing the role of mobile rapid-response teams and rapid collective diagnosis teams to promptly cope with the disease spread while increasing the number of quarantine places and facilities and intensifying disinfection of all areas ranging from workplaces to living space.

The provincial, city and county people’s committees including the Pyongyang Municipal People’s Committee and provincial rural economy committees are supplying materials to organs, enterprises, factories and households in their respective regions in a responsible manner. Meanwhile, service teams for providing living conditions for residents are being organized one after another.

In response to the call of the WPK Central Committee upon Party organizations to become the advance group, shock brigade and bulletproof walls in the campaign for defending the people with infinite devotion and unwavering loyalty to them, Party organizations at all levels are pushing ahead with the organizational and political work geared to containing the spread of the virulent infectious disease as soon as possible and achieving complete stability in the anti-epidemic struggle.