Medical Service

Guide to Treatment of COVID-19 Issued

While state emergency measures are being taken day after day to quickly control the spread of the infectious disease in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a guide to the treatment of the disease has been drawn up and issued to curative and preventive institutions at all levels and relevant units in Pyongyang and all other parts of the country.

The public health and anti-epidemic sectors completed the scientific and rational treatment guide through a dynamic campaign to write out a specialized one promptly as there was a loss of lives among people owing to drug overdose because they did not know well about scientific medical treatment methods.

The guide is classified into those for adults, children and pregnant women and nursing mothers respectively.

The guide contains the definition of the novel coronavirus and indexes for confirmatory diagnosis of the patients with the infectious disease–epidemiological relations, clinical symptoms, RT-PCR tests and antibody tests–and stipulates that the diagnosis of the disease is confirmed if a patient is tested positive for any one of the indexes.

It also describes in detail the criterion for estimating the seriousness of the disease and the general cure principles including those related to the selection of and the confirmation of dosage of medicines according to age, constitution and weight and stresses the need to individualize medicinal treatment according to the course and seriousness of the disease.

And it refers to various tactics of treatment for different symptoms, accompanying diseases and idiosyncrasies of patients and the criteria for judging treatment effects.