Medical Service

Measures for Overcoming Public Health Crisis As Soon As Possible Adopted

North Hamgyong Province is taking emergency measures to quickly overcome the public health crisis.

Party organizations at all levels in the province are working hard to implement the anti-epidemic policy for thoroughly implementing the decisions of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee and state measures. The province is waging an intensive campaign to completely block the influx and spread of the malignant virus, while strictly enforcing measures of separating regions and units.

All regions and units conduct intensive work to inform the people of relevant treatment methods for the malignant infectious disease and common knowledge of hygiene.

 In the situation where production units have been separated from one another, major factories and enterprises in the province are pushing ahead with production without let-up, while maintaining high alertness and intensifying the anti-epidemic activities of the masses and disinfection.

Having found out and isolated all those with fever and other abnormal symptoms through strict examination of all the residents, the province is taking intensive measures for treating them.

Medical workers in the province, cities, counties and ris and teachers and students of Chongjin College of Medical Sciences are intensifying medical examination and closely observing the characteristics of the cases with fever. They are also treating sewage from quarantine places and hospital wastes as required by epidemiology.

Counties in the province are pushing ahead with the work of supplying medicines, staple and subsidiary foods and daily necessities to institutions, factories, enterprises and households in the regions, and service teams are organized for the convenience of the residents. 

The province is promptly conveying the directives of the central emergency anti-epidemic sector to the lower units, and strictly supervising and reviewing their implementation so as to promptly check the spread of the infectious disease.