Talent Training

Putting Efforts in Nursing and Upbringing of Children

The Kyongsang Nursery in Central District, Pyongyang, is one of the forerunners in nursing and upbringing of children.

They pay primary attention to the health of children, first to preventing indigestion and rickets to which children are vulnerable.

The nursery has set the timetable for sunbathing, exercise, walk and sport, and encourages the children to follow the timetable. And they help the children to eat several nutritious foods like milk and fruits according to the nutrition intake standards for the ages of children.

Aware that the days in nursery are important for children in the formation of their personality and in getting proper habits, they are making scrupulous arrangements for the education of them. 

They have learned to play more than one musical instrument and to sing and dance which children are fond of, and ensure that the children’s time at the nursery is run through with singing and dancing.

They also employ various forms and methods to educate the children to respect their parents and elders and love their friends, and pay close concern to their moral education, like good manners in greeting, speaking and at table.

They have developed such methods of education like learning mother tongue by making a word in turn by linking the last alphabet of the previous word, harmonizing colours with various intelligent toys and seeing intelligent education videos.   

They continue to make unsparing efforts for the children, the future pillars of the country.