Talent Training

Refresher Course of the Doctors

Pyongyang Continuous Medical Education College with the history spanning decades of years gives theoretical and clinical reeducation to on-duty doctors every year in conformity with their specialist fields, degrees and qualifications.

The main contents of the lectures are the successes and trend of development of the field of medical sciences, constitutional characteristics and causes of the diseases of different cases, specific symptoms caused by different environments and conditions and new clinical experiences. 

Multimedia presentations, 3D presentations and videos of operations are widely used to bring lectures closer to reality. 

Lectures with the histories of general and special cases are very applicable. 

The college has introduced an effective lecture method in which lecturers inform the students of the constitutional characteristics, results of blood and diagnostic tests by machines and let the students compare their own diagnoses and the real conditions of the patients. 

It invites many on-duty doctors of rich clinical experiences and authoritative professors in the field of biochemistry to give lectures.