Public Health Policies

Well-planned Children’s Health Care System

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a well-planned children’s health care system which President Kim Il Sung established for the purpose of protecting and improving children’s lives and health better.

A well-regulated paediatric service system is in force from the paediatrics departments of ri people’s hospitals and clinics to children’s hospitals, and children are under double or triple medical protection by nursery doctors, paediatricians in charge of kindergartens, school doctors and children’s sanitary physicians of hygienic and anti-epidemic centres at all levels.

Children in the country get health care systematically and regularly while in the womb by obstetricians and until when they are 14 by paediatricians.

As soon as they are born children have their own health records in which there are systematically recorded the results of their biometry, the diseases they suffered from, the histories of their vaccination and so on.

Doctors in charge of children acquaint themselves in detail with the health conditions of the children, the environment for the nursing and upbringing and education of them and their living conditions. And they regularly conduct the health and physical examination of the children and had a talk about their health. They also examine and control the environmental management of institutions for children, the physical training of and nutrition for children and their hygiene care.

Meanwhile, the doctors inoculate children against infectious diseases and take active measures to prevent and treat rachitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, dystrophy, rheumatism, parasitosis, myopia, bent spine, trachoma, synaphymenitis, tympanitis, empyema, dental caries, tonsillitis, infectious skin diseases and so on that hinder the healthy growth of children.

Doctors in charge of institutions for children intensify the education of children in hygiene and relevant publicity for them so as to make the latter ready to manage their own health, and cooperate with officials of such institutions and families in taking care of their health.

The superiority and validity of the country’s system for children’s health care are more fully displayed at the moment under the wise guidance of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is developing the public health service of the country into a popular and advanced one.