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Improving Efficacy of Koryo Medicines

Insam and Herba Epimedii anti-cancer tablets produced by Myongbang Pharmaceutical Company is in high demand nowadays.

Unlike previous anti-cancer medicines, this tablet reproduces a certain kind of stem cells from the marrow of the cancer patient, rapidly restores distal blood, improves cells and organs damaged by cancer cells, thus containing and reducing the increase of tumor. 

A researcher named Kim Chun Ok in the tumor research section of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital developed this medicine through her painstaking efforts for scores of years.

While reading documents on latest achievements, she had an inspiration for producing a medicine by using biological reactor, not by conventional methods. She then intensified research for making an efficacious Koryo medicine with materials abundant in the country. 

Thanks to her strenuous efforts, foundations for producing the medicine was laid. The state created conditions and environment for her to put her method on a more scientific footing, and the State Academy of Sciences and other related units rendered her proactive assistance. Finally she succeeded in producing the medicine, whose efficacy was proved through clinical practices. She received a patent of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in February 2022.      

Her essay for this medicine was carried by an international magazine.