Pavilion Changes into School

One September day in Juche 65 (1976) President Kim Il Sung inspected the then Sinhung-ri, Yonthan County, North Hwanghae Province. 

While giving some instructions on farming, he, pointing to a building nearby, asked accompanying officials what it was for.

They told him that it was a building for the President for his rest stop.

Kim Il Sung expressed thanks for their care, and then said that he preferred to be among the people.

Now, pointing to a village in a valley with an expansive maize field, he asked where was the school the children in the village attended.      

Hearing the answer that they went to the then Sinhung Senior Middle School which was 2.5km away, the President looked towards the seat of Sinhung-ri where the school was. Then, he said: It would be all right with the children in the middle-school course, but it would be rather a long way for those in the primary-school course. I think it would be good to repurpose the building you prepared for my rest stop into a nice building for a branch of Sinhung Senior Middle School to admit children in the primary-school course. 

This was how the rest-stop building was changed into Undok Branch of Sinhung Senior Middle School.