A Day in His Life

One day in the mid-June, Juche 91 (2002), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited several units, and when lunchtime was approaching, he directly went to the toothbrush workshop of the Pyongyang Daily-Necessities Factory.

Looking around the modern toothbrush production lines in detail, he said that they should be three kinds of toothbrush according to the intensity of the bristles–strong, middle and weak, noting that if a person with weak gingiva used a toothbrush with strong bristles, the gingiva may bleed, so he should use a toothbrush with weak bristles.

When he came outside, it was past noon. The officials accompany him, who had been feeling uneasy as they could not give him any help when he was visiting several units, taking measures for solving the problems arising in the units, from dawn, felt relieved. They thought that the leader could have a rest even for a while as it was lunchtime. But their thought was wrong.

Expressing his satisfaction over the fact that toothbrush production was on a world level and asking the factory officials to normalize the production, Kim Jong Il said to the accompanying officials: You should go back and have a rest. I am sorry for calling you at dawn and making you accompany me for so long without giving you any moment to have a rest.  

The officials were struck dumb. They could not but bid farewell to him, wishing him good health. 

Waving his hand to them, Kim Jong Il went on a journey of on-site guidance again. 

Nobody could know when his daily routine started and ended.