The Problem He Paid Close Attention to

One day in October Juche 108 (2019), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory which was under renovation.

In August the previous year he visited the factory and gave important instructions on building up the factory, whose site President Kim Il Sung had personally selected, into a model and iconic factory playing a pacesetter role in the country’s medical appliances industry.

Kim Jong Un was very pleased to see that the appearance of the factory had been fundamentally changed. He tested the products one by one, acquainting himself with their performance. When he saw a bed for diagnosing and a general dental chair, he said: The sponge seems a little hard; because patients have to lean their heads back for a long time when they receive treatment, it is necessary to make the headrest soft and comfortable. 

That day Kim Jong Un said: It is important to produce a large number of medical appliances necessary for protecting and promoting people’s lives and health, but what is more important is to increase their quality, and this is a matter of attitude towards the people.