Feeling the Temperature of Water

One day in August Juche 88 (1999) Chairman Kim Jong Il looked round a bathhouse of a newly-built village in a workers’ district in the then Samjiyon County.

Saying the bathhouse was nice, he walked to the bathroom and sauna. After looking into the water tank in the bathroom and the sauna room, he asked the officials how hot the water was. 

On hearing an official’s answer, he said that it was not good. Actually the officials had thought the water of that temperature would not be too cold or too hot for the people who came out of sauna.

Looking at them, he said: I say the temperature of the water is not good, because some people may not like sauna; we cannot think that all the people who come here like sauna; some of them may have only a bath; you should raise the temperature of the water; then it would be agreeable to those who do not like sauna or the elderly people; whatever we build for the people, we should make them contribute to the people’s living; only things that actually serve the people and are liked by them can be said to be true and be of our style.