Emergency Measure

One year a quarryman, aged 26, was fatally wounded in an accident while cutting stone necessary for the construction of the capital city.

His diagnosis was severe cerebral contusion, basal skull fracture and bronchopneumonia.

On learning about this one day in May Juche 77 (1988), Chairman Kim Jong Il immediately ordered the Air Force of the Korean People’s Army to send a helicopter.

But the helicopter had to land halfway due to an unexpected climatic change on its way back to Pyongyang carrying the worker.

Then Kim Jong Il ordered to send a large passenger plane which could fly in unfavourable climatic conditions.

But the pilots and other crew members had the day off as it was a holiday. An emergency measure was taken and the crew were sent for.

Finally the young worker could be brought to a central hospital, where he miraculously recovered after 15 days.