Universal Free Medical Care System Enforced in Wartime

On January 20, Juche 41 (1952), Comrade Kim Il Sung called an official of the Ministry of Public Health.

Noting that all the people were fighting self-sacrificingly for victory in the war both on the front and in the rear, he said that we should spare nothing for these patriotic and devoted people, suggesting enforcing universal free medical care system.

The official was surprised for he knew the huge expense to be involved in enforcing the system.

Kim Il Sung said: Our present situation is somewhat difficult. But we have to enforce the system to protect and promote our people’s health. There is nothing more precious than our people’s health.

On November 13, Juche 41 (1952), ten months later, Cabinet decision No. 203 On Enforcing Universal Free Medical Care System was proclaimed.

Thanks to Kim Il Sung’s ardent love for his people, universal free medical care at state expense was enforced at a time when the funds were running short and medical establishments had been damaged.