Schedule of a Day

The following happened on November 9, Juche 57 (1968).

President Kim Il Sung gave on-site guidance in South Phyongan Province. 

While looking round the then Ryonggang Chicken Farm, he spoke highly of its management and workers, who had implemented their annual plan of meat and egg production, and instructed them to build more cages for young hens. 

Then, he went to a dairy farm, where he gave his opinions of solving the problem of fodder and sending milk it had produced to the workers who were engaged in heat-affected labour. 

Later, at the then Chongsan Co-operative Farm, he presided over a meeting of senior officials of the crop and livestock farms. The meeting lasted almost two hours, ending at 13:00.  

As soon as he returned to Pyongyang, he went into a room of the building of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, where pupils and other children in new winter garment samples were waiting. There he acquainted himself with everything the children were wearing, pressing with his hand the toes of the shoes and asking the sizes of the clothes.  

The evening closed in, and he said to an official that it was getting cold, that he could not feel at ease with the central heating of the houses in the capital city, and that he wanted to see the public welfare service facilities, nurseries and kindergartens in the city, asking him to accompany him. 

At a neighbourhood unit in Central District, he acquainted himself in detail with how its residents were living before returning to his office late at night. 

At night he, in his office, wrote a document on the issues of transport and labour administration. 

He left the office at about 2 a.m.