While Looking Around a Historical Relic

One day in July Juche 38 (1949) Comrade Kim Il Sung visited the Paengno Pavilion, a famous historical relic, on his way of on-site guidance in Kangwon Province.

The Korean ancestors built a pavilion there, which was known to be a   habitat of white herons, and called it so (paengno means white heron in English).  

While enjoying the natural scenery of the pavilion, Kim Il Sung said to the officials accompanying him that the province should build a cultural resort for the working people around the pavilion, that the beautiful natural scenery should not be damaged, and that measures should be taken to protect white herons.

Pointing to the surrounding mountains, he continued: Mountains should be forested like them; only then can useful animals and plants propagate, natural scenery get more beautiful and people’s health be promoted; this pavilion is well known for the beautiful natural scenery around it; if we are going to build an independent and sovereign state, we should always pay close attention to the afforestation and water conservation.