Woman’s Wish Comes True

The following happened several years ago when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a fishing station on the coast of the East Sea of Korea for the fourth time.

He was about to have a photograph taken with the station’s employees and their family members, when a Workers’ Party of Korea official of the station told him that the manager’s wife had been so ill that she had not taken part in the photo sessions with Kim Jong Un during his previous three visits.

Kim Jong Un urged the official, saying: 

If she is absent from the photo session this time, too, she must feel sad. Please bring her with my car.

In fact, whenever she heard the news that Kim Jong Un, during each of his visits to the station, had a photo taken even with the family members who were giving a helping hand at the wharf, she had wished that she would be honoured to be among them even once.

On arriving at the venue, she made a bow of gratitude to Kim Jong Un.

He said to her that he wished she would recover as soon as possible and assist her husband so that he could work better.

Then, he posed for a photograph with her and her husband.