Diverted Railway

One day in July Juche 65 (1976), Chairman Kim Jong Il said to officials he would go to the Naegok Hot Spring.

An official suggested he go there after having breakfast at Samjiyon. 

Kim Jong Il said to him: It does not matter if we skip a few meals because today we have climbed Mt Paektu. So let us hurry and look round the Naegok Hot Spring. It will be worthwhile if we do one more thing for the sake of the people before returning to Pyongyang

Analysis of the hot spring shows that it contains elements efficacious for treating various diseases. It will be wonderful if a sanatorium is built by it so that people can receive medical treatment and that those who have been to Mt Paektu can go there to take a bath while resting.

Soon Kim Jong Il and his entourage went to the hot spring.

He dipped his hand in the spring to feel the water temperature and asked about its volume. While looking round its surroundings, he indicated the ways for building a modern sanatorium and other cultural and welfare facilities in the area.

At that moment, a train, fully loaded with logs, clattered through the hot spring village, blowing a loud whistle. 

After the train disappeared behind the mountain he said to the officials: 

This village must be kept quiet for the patients receiving medical treatment here and the railway is not good to this end. It should be diverted. No matter how difficult and complicated it might be, the railway must be diverted for the people who come here for medical treatment and rest.