Visiting a Construction Site on Sunday

One Sunday in May Juche 105 (2016) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a medical oxygen plant which was under construction. When he got off his car, he was holding the master plan of the factory in his hand. It seemed that he had examined it on his way to the factory.

After looking round various places of the construction site, he said: Now we have many things to do; but nothing is more important than the work for promoting the people’s wellbeing, and healthcare is a primary undertaking in it; it is my determination to ensure that efforts are focused on healthcare so that our people can enjoy a long life in good health.

As he looked round various places of the construction site for a long time, his shoes were covered with dust and his clothes were soaked with sweat.

However, he said with a beaming face that if the people came to know that a medical oxygen plant was being built, they would be delighted.