For Intellectual Development of Children

On January 1, Juche 104 (2015), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Baby Home and the Pyongyang Orphanage. 

When he came to the intelligent game room of the baby home after looking round its various places, he found orphans playing at jigsaws and other intelligent games.

He praised them, saying they were all clever, and went towards the bookshelf, from which he took out a book, titled, We Learn Our Mother Tongue. After saying that there were other books needed for the intellectual development of children, he asked an official of the baby home at what age the children started to read.

On hearing her answer, he told an official accompanying him to take measures for compiling many books for the intellectual development of children and sending them to the Pyongyang Baby Home and the Pyongyang Orphanage and all other similar educational institutes across the country.

When he looked round the intellectual game room in the Pyongyang Orphanage, he inquired if there were illustrated books for intellectual education there, too.

An official of the orphanage answered that they had many such books and took out a book from a shelf and gave it to Kim Jong Un.

After leafing through the book, he took out other illustrated books from another shelf. Looking at it, he said that such books as We Learn Our Mother Tongue and Let’s Think were good for the intellectual development of children and it was necessary to compile such books in large numbers and send them to baby homes and orphanages across the country.