Intensive Treatment Arranged for Workers

One night in June Juche 66 (1977) the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il called a senior official of South Hamgyong Province.

After greeting him, Kim Jong Il apologized to him saying that he called him late at night because he wanted to ask him if the workers at the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex had difficulties in their living.  

Moved by his concern for workers, the official said frankly that some old workers had weak teeth.

Saying that production was important, but what was more important was the health of workers, Kim Jong Il told the official he should submit a detailed plan for building a modern hospital as the Party would help the project. Then he asked the official what measures could be taken to treat those with bad teeth for the meantime until the new hospital was built.

The official answered that he would organize an intensive examination and treatment enlisting all the medical force in the province after fulfilling the fertilizer production plan on hand. But Kim Jong Il said that immediate measures must be adopted as it was related with the workers’ health.

He then took measures of mobilizing competent dentists and prosthetists from across the country and providing prosthetic materials and equipment for examining and treating the teeth of the workers of the complex.

Thanks to his concern an intensive examination and treatment was organized for the workers of the complex when the fertilizer production for that year’s farming was at its peak.