Workers Should Sit Here

This happened in late June Juche 70 (1981) Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the newly-built South Hamgyong Provincial Dental Hospital during his on-site guidance in the city of Hamhung. 

In a treatment room, he saw a latest all-purpose dentist chair. 

Saying that the capital city of the country was yet to have such a large and magnificent dental hospital, he expressed his satisfaction over the fact that a modern dental hospital was built in Hamhung, where there were a large number of workers. 

An official of the province told him that the chair was used exclusively for a president or a king in other countries.

Laughing heartily, Kim Jong Il said: What should be done as there is no king in our country? But there is no need to worry. People are masters of our country. They are the ones who should use such equipment. Workers should sit here.

In this way, the equipment which was used for kings in other countries came to be used for the treatment of the ordinary people including workers.