Supply Centres for Nurseries and Kindergartens

One autumn day in Juche 58 (1969) the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung saw a child walking to the kindergarten with a satchel on the back while he was passing a street of Pyongyang. He told the driver to stop the car and called the child to him. 

After affectionately looking at the child who rushed to him, Kim Il Sung asked him what he was carrying in his bag and opened it to find he was carrying his lunchbox. 

Thinking that children would eat cold lunch at the kindergarten, Kim Il Sung wore a worried expression.  

 That evening he said to officials that kindergarteners now carried their lunch to kindergartens, but it would be very good if kindergartens provided children with warm lunch. He continued that Pyongyang should be model in this respect and then took the benevolent measure of establishing supply centres for nurseries and kindergartens.