For a Foreign Couple

One day in November Juche 79 (1990), Chairman Kim Jong Il received a letter from the couple of experts in linguistics of Cuba who are working in the DPRK. In the letter they asked the Chairman to name their son born at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital recently.

The following is the story about it. 

They had had no child for eight years after their marriage. Fortunately, the wife got pregnant during their stay in the DPRK and was admitted to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. They were overjoyed, but on the other hand they were worried because their visa would be expired in three months and the wife might slip her baby due to her habitual miscarriage after they left the DPRK. 

Informed of this, Kim Jong Il made sure that their stay was extended so that she could continue to receive medical service at the maternity hospital, and that their contractual rights were applied to them as before even after their contract was expired.

Afterwards, the wife had an easy delivery, giving birth to a son. The Cubans wrote a letter of thanks to Kim Jong Il, in which they requested him to name their baby in the Korean style.

 Delighted to learn that the couple had their first son, Kim Jong Il said that it would be good to call him Saepyol (Morning Star–Tr.). Then he sent them goods, which they would need for bringing up their baby, as his presents. 

Similar things happened to Jindallae of Palestine and Sol Kwang of China.