Silver Dagger and Gold Ring

One day the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il summoned the creative workers. Saying that it would be good to give triplets a meaningful souvenir, he gave them a task of designing the souvenir.

They racked their brains for a good design, but failed. One day, on receiving a report about this, Kim Jong Il came up with his idea.

It was a silver dagger and a gold ring.

He said: It would be good to carve on the daggers and rings the figures that make up the date of birth of the triplets when put together; if so, they can find their brothers or sisters by the silver dagger or gold ring even though they are separated unexpectedly when young.

The officials were deeply moved by his meticulous care. In this way souvenirs with national flavour were designed.

Later Kim Jong Il said that silver daggers or gold rings should be given also to the parents of triplets.

The silver dagger and gold ring given to triplets and their parents are permeated with Kim Jong Il’s affection for them.