In September Juche 50 (1961), the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung visited the Pyongyang Hotel in which the delegates to the Fourth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea were staying. While he was having a talk with a female delegate, he asked her how many people there were in her family. She did not answer promptly and hesitated. An official who was standing beside answered for her that there were only two, she and her husband.

Then the President asked her how old she was. She answered 29. He inquired after her husband: Where her husband was working and how much his salary was.

He said that she looked sick, and asked whether she was ill. She answered that before she came to Pyongyang she did not sleep well to finish her work, but she was not ill. He said that if she was not ill, why she did not have a child even when she had reached 29, and that she must be ill. Hearing him, she was moved to tears.

Kim Il Sung said: Though you insist you are healthy, you must be ill, so you should receive treatment so as to have a baby and work well in good health.

Later she recovered her health after taking the medicine that he sent, and gave birth to a baby. She and her husband named the baby Un Dok whose meaning was benevolence.