Omija Pills

One day in early July Juche 33 (1944), Kim Il, who had been staying in a secret camp in Mt Kanbaek carrying out tasks given by General Kim Il Sung, was summoned by the General to the Paektusan secret camp. 

After advising him in detail on the direction and ways for developing the work of a training school, Kim Il Sung closely looked into his face and inquired after his health, saying that he had heard he was suffering a lot from fits of cough since he had a cold the previous winter.

Kim Il wondered how the General knew about it. 

Kim Il Sung said that he had sent him to Mt Kanbaek for some rest rather than the work of the training school and asked if he was alright now.

Then the General put out a small paper package before him.

Saying that he had heard Omija pills were efficacious for bad coughing and so he had obtained some from the guerrillas who had been to a locality for a mission, Kim Il Sung told him to take them every day.

Kim Il was so moved by the tender care of Kim Il Sung who, remembering the trivial thing he had forgotten long before, had obtained medicine for him.