Selecting the Site of the Central General Hospital

One day in March Juche 37 (1948), Comrade Kim Il Sung inspected the Eastern Pyongyang Plain to select the site of a hospital he had planned to build since immediately after Korea’s liberation, for the purpose of protecting and improving the people’s lives and health.

After looking round the surrounding area for a long time, he said to officials with satisfaction that as the plain was wide, it was suitable for building a big hospital and there would be no problem in expanding the hospital in the future.

And then he said: We have increased the number of hospitals and taken various other measures, so as to provide the conditions for the people to get treatment, but we have not built a general hospital yet; we should build a general hospital as soon as possible so that it will contribute to promoting the people’s health; it is necessary to examine the design of the hospital again and perfect it so that it can treat all kinds of diseases; we should build the general hospital in a big way so that it can be the parent hospital for the public health sector.

In this way, the general hospital for the people was built after the liberation of the country.