Measure Taken on the First Day of War

On June 25, Juche 39 (1950) the day when the Fatherland Liberation War started, Kim Il Sung called Ri Pyong Nam, the then minister of Public Health, to his office at midnight.

He said: The most painful damage we will suffer from the war is the loss of lives; the destruction of towns and factories is also painful, but we can reconstruct them; however, nothing can make up for people’s death; that is why I called you at the urgent time of the first day of the war though it is late at night, so as to discuss measures for quickly reorganizing the work of public health sector on a war footing.

Then he clarified major tasks which the public health sector had to carry out in conformity with the situation under which the war would turn severer and the enemy’s atrocities would grow more undisguised.

Cherishing his great trust in them and love for the people, many health workers volunteered to the front with a firm determination to devote their all to the leader, dear country and fellow people.