The Most Important Issue

One day in December Juche 34 (1945) the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung met some officials in the public health sector. After acquainting himself with the cost for epidemic prevention work submitted to the Financial Bureau, he summoned an official in the financial sector.

When the official came to his office, Kim Il Sung asked him if it was possible to defray the money requested by the Public Health Bureau.

The official answered that it was difficult to do so because the financial situation was not good. 

Actually, the financial situation of the country at the time was very strained as it was liberated not so long before.

After a while, Kim Il Sung said: Securing anti-epidemic facilities is a very important issue; there exists a great deal of danger of epidemic diseases entering our newly-liberated country; if a dreadful epidemic enters the territory of the country and spreads, we will sustain an enormous loss of human lives; then, we will suffer so much loss in our revolutionary work; human life is the most precious in the world; we are carrying on the revolution for the interests and happiness of the people. 

Then he emphasized that the Public Health Bureau raised a very important issue, and that it was advisable to solve the problem first even though the country was experiencing hardships.

In this way, a huge sum of money was committed towards epidemic prevention work when every penny counted shortly after the country’s liberation.