A Holiday Camp Tells

Korea, called a land of golden tapestry for the beautiful mountains and limpid rivers, has many famous spas, mineral waters and scenic spots.

After the country’s liberation, President Kim Il Sung visited Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province, and said: 

The scenery here is beautiful, the streams are clear, the spa is famous and it is also easy of access. In every aspect, it is perfect as a holiday resort. In the future, a large holiday resort should be built here so that people can enjoy themselves. We are going to proclaim a labour law and a law on social insurance, so as to provide paid leave and other kinds of holidays to our people at state expense, who do not know even the word holiday. 

To build holiday resorts for the people will be of great social significance in the history of our country. The project should not be delayed. Everything is scarce at the moment as the newly liberated country is in a difficult situation, but we should spare no expense to this end.

Later, he visited Taethangji, Yangdok Country, several times and chose the site for the holiday resort in the Onchon Valley, which commands fine scenery with the spa in it, and specified the tasks and ways arising in the construction and management of the resort.

Now, the country is dotted with holiday camps, recuperation centres and sanatoria for the working people in the beautiful places with spa or mineral waters, and they number thousands.