WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Participants in National Meeting for Reviewing Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), had a photo session with the participants in the national meeting for reviewing the emergency anti-epidemic work on Wednesday.

Attending the photo session were Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, and Ri Chung Gil and Choe Kyong Chol.

The participants were filled with great excitement and joy of having a significant photo taken with the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un at the supreme temple of Juche, which would be kept as the honor all their lives, on the historic day that witnessed the declaration of a great victory in the maximum emergency anti-epidemic campaign for tiding over the grave health crisis by dint of the tremendous might of the single-minded unity of all the civilians and service personnel closely rallied around the great Party Central Committee.

 When the General Secretary arrived at the venue of the photo session, all the participants raised thunderous cheers of "Hurrah!"

Looking up to the General Secretary with tears of great excitement in their eyes, all the participants paid the highest tribute to him, recollecting the painstaking efforts he made to firmly defend the dignity and security of our state and people, continuing his great journey of devoted service at the forefront for protecting the people out of his noble sense of duty and intense love for the country and the people, and with his great foresight, iron will, extraordinary decision and outstanding guidance.

The General Secretary extended his warm militant salute to the participants who have put the idea and determination of the Party Central Committee into thorough practice in the van of the all-people anti-epidemic front, upholding the Party line and policies as absolute truth and heartily responding to them.

Saying that the victory gained by our people is a historic event that once again showed the world what the greatness of our state, the indomitable tenacity of our people and the beautiful national customs we are proud of are like, he stressed that the strength of the unity of the Party and the people in one idea and faith and the bonds of kinship serves as the invincible revolutionary asset of Juche Korea that no other country can ever have or imitate and as a powerful treasured sword for breaking through any unprecedented hardship.

Expressing expectations that all the participants would consolidate the might of the most advantageous Korean-style socialist system in every way by turning the priceless victory in the maximum emergency anti-epidemic campaign into new source of energy for redoubled efforts to accelerate the bolstering of the state anti-epidemic capabilities, he had a photo taken with them.

 All the participants renewed their firm will to dynamically accelerate  the great historic cause of comprehensive development of socialism, more firmly defending the security of their precious country, life and hopeful future by dint of the indomitable spiritual strength and heroic mettle displayed to boldly overcome the worst-ever crisis under the guidance of the respected General Secretary. -0-