For the Building of People-oriented Healthcare System

In late September Juche 34 (1945), soon after Korea’s liberation, the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung met the then director of the public health department of the South Phyongan Provincial People’s Political Committee.

After hearing what the medical official had to say about his past career and family background, 

Kim Il Sung expressed his sympathy on his tough life of the past and told him that they should join efforts for the building of a new country. Then, he asked him in detail about the state of the public health sector of Pyongyang–how many doctors and hospitals there were in the city, how they obtained medicines, what kinds of epidemic diseases were on spread, and the like.

The director answered as best as he could. 

Kim Il Sung showed great satisfaction, saying he was well-informed.  

Then he said: Public health is the most important in ensuring people’s happiness and well-being; it takes a very important position in building a new democratic Korea; in the future we should build a democratic and independent sovereign state that strives for the people’s welfare.

From then onward, Kim Il Sung paid meticulous concern to building the public health sector. 

In November Juche 34 (1945), when the Ten Administrative Bureaus of North Korea were formed, he had the Bureau of Public Health organized in the organ. The bureau was not only a starting point of the construction of the people-oriented public health administration system but a basis of the establishment of the democratic public health system. 

Under his leadership the Department of Public Health was set up in the Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea and the People’s Committee of North Korea when they were instituted. And he ensured that the department steadily consolidated its functions. In this way, a well-organized public health administration system for facilitating the implementation of the task of building people-oriented public health was established in provinces, cities and counties.