Medical Service

Kalsan Hot Spring, Natural Resource in DPRK

People have long used hot springs which are especially efficacious for medical treatment and longevity.

The Kalsan Hot Spring in Phangyo County, Kangwon Province, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is one of those springs which have been in use for a long time in the country. Still preserved are the records and sites and relics related to the fact that successive kings of the feudal Joson dynasty visited the place.

The spring helps promote blood circulation, metabolism and the absorption and excretion of the results of inflammation and adjust the functions of the autonomic nervous system and internal glands; it acts as a sedative, painkiller, desensitizer and emollient. If you drink the water, it is efficacious in treating chronic gastritis, chronic enterocolitis, hyperuricemia and non-tuberculous silicosis. And if you take a bath in the water, it is effective in curing rheumatic arthritis, neuralgia, peripheral neuritis, aftereffects of abdominal surgery, eczema and hives.

As artesian water coming from crevices of granite, the water gushes out from two natural outlets and several drilled holes. It is mildly radon-alkaline spring that contains simple silica, sulphur, hydrogen carbonate, sodium and calcium.

The area around the spring has a good climate along with scenic beauty, so it is favourable for combination of natural curative agents. In the area there are the Kalsan Hot Spring Sanatorium and nice lodging houses.