Visit at Night

One night in May, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Mannyon Pharmacy in Taedonggang District without prior notice.

So surprised at his unexpected visit, the staff of the store could barely offer him proper greetings. It is the unanimous desire of all the Korean people to meet him, but they felt nervous and strained rather than pleased as they thought their store was not safe from the epidemic disease. 

Kim Jong Un asked them in detail what kind of medicines had been supplied to them after the top emergency epidemic prevention system was set in motion, whether medicines were kept as required by regulations, whether the pharmacies were open all day round, whether they held consultations with patients, and what kinds of antipyretics and antibiotics they had in store.

The assistants and officials accompanying him were deeply moved.

That day he visited Jangsaeng Pharmacy where he acquainted himself with the supply of medicines and exhorted the officials to correct the deficiencies in medical supply system and take powerful practical measures for the transport of medicines.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un is, indeed, a benevolent father of the people who does all he can for them.