For the Safety of the People

One day in July Juche 101 (2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Rungna People’s Recreation Ground near completion.

After being briefed on the project in front of a map bearing its panoramic view, he headed for the wading pool. Looking round the wading pool which had been built to be perfect even in the distant future, he was very satisfied that the people would be provided with another cultural resort.

While looking round several places of the wading pool, he said: The slides and diving tower were places where accidents might happen; so it would be advisable to place half a dozen life belts beside the diving tower and a lifeguard; there must be a first-aid room marked with the Red Cross sign in the pool. Then he stressed repeatedly that it was important to furnish the room with necessary facilities. 

Indeed, he always concerned himself with the safety of the people. This is how a first-aid room and observation post were set up in the wading pool.