Consolatory Money

In January Juche 84 (1995) a great earthquake shook Japan, inflicting enormous misfortune upon the Koreans resident in Japan, as well as the Japanese people. Though they had been left homeless, the Koreans affiliated with Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) soon rose up in rehabilitation work, encouraged by the consolatory message Chairman Kim Jong Il had sent to them.

The Koreans under the pro-south Korean organization and independent ones envied them very much because they had nobody to take care of them when they were suffering a misfortune. 

But their agony soon disappeared. They also received consolatory money just like those affiliated with Chongryon.

It was one day in January, a few days after Kim Jong Il had sent a consolatory message to Chongryon members.

He called relevant officials and informed them of the loss caused by the earthquake, and said: We cannot sit idle when Chongryon officials and other oversea Korean compatriots are suffering misfortunes; we should study the way to send money to the victims under Chongryon; we should spare nothing when we try to relieve our compatriots in Japan of their misfortunes and sufferings; we should send them a large sum of consolatory money even if it means we have to eat gruel or skip meals.  Then he emphasized: We should present the same amount of money to the Koreans under the pro-south Korean organization and independent ones as Chongryon members. 

Indeed, despite the difficult economic conditions of the country, he bestowed love to all the Korean compatriots, regardless of their affiliation and past.