WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort

Pyongyang, October 25 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort whose project is nearing completion.
After being told in detail about the construction of the resort by leading officials of the construction headquarters, Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces Kim Jong Un looked around places for medical treatment and fitness and multi-purpose sports and cultural district including indoor and outdoor spas and ski ground.
He expressed his great satisfaction over the fact that the resort is being successfully completed though it is just over 50 days since he inspected the construction site in late August.
Seeing the resort which is taking its majestic shape as a complex for spa medical treatment and fitness and cultural center for the promotion of the people’s health, he said that the resort is a perfect match for the geographic characteristics and natural environment of the area. He made a particular mention of the harmony that can be found in the division of the buildings and the excellent combination between buildings. Calling it a leaping progress in the architecture, he said that he felt pride in our own architecture.
Feasting on the service buildings in the hot spring resort from the observation deck, he said it is peculiar and absolutely perfect. He added with delight that the dwelling houses of the employees of the service units are like deluxe villas and farm villages around the resort have turned into a model for the construction of farm villages. He further stressed that this is our style, Korean-style construction.
He said that the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is not only new and peculiar in the architectural style and contents but everything in it is on the high level ranging from designing to construction.
He emphasized that as the project is now in its final stage, full consideration should be given to the impact of seasonal climatic conditions on its operation, and it should be built in a qualitative way with attention paid to detailed issues so that the people who visit the resort would not feel even the slightest inconvenience.
He said as a curative and recuperative complex, the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort is like a new field in the service sector, adding that all the service workers have to learn general knowledge about spa culture and also the service form and contents of those countries with advanced spa culture.
We have to adjust and develop cultural and tourist bases throughout the country one by one just as how we developed the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort so that our people can put the natural resources of the country to effective use, he said, noting that even though doing so is arduous now, the future generations will benefit from it if we do it in our generation.
It seems just yesterday when we unrolled the master blueprint for the construction of the hot spring resort in the quiet mountainous area and discussed the construction, but a miracle occurred in less than a year and Yangdok County has undergone an overall face-lifting, he said with deep emotion, adding that so good are the environment and atmosphere of the resort and that the place will be lively with people when spa and ski ground start operation. He said he might have felt so pleased if he had shown the changed view of Yangdok to Chairman Kim Jong Il.
He said he feels refreshing and reviving after touring the resort, adding it is a striking contrast to the Mt Kumgang tourist area, an overall and intuitive illustration of the fundamental difference between the architecture of capitalist businesses targeting profit-making from roughly built buildings and socialist architecture embodying the desire and aspiration of the working people.
Even a piece of architecture reflects the idea of the times, the height of the dignity of the people and the level of civilization and, therefore, construction is like an important ideological work, he said, calling for establishing Juche in architecture and thoroughly embodying our nation-first spirit and people-first spirit.
Calling the Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort a present of our Party to the people, he called for setting higher requirements and building it to be flawless.
He was accompanied by leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Jang Kum Chol, Kim Yo Jong, Jo Yong Won, Ri Jong Nam, Yu Jin, Hong Yong Song, Hyon Song Wol, Jang Song Ho and Director of a bureau of the State Affairs Commission Ma Won Chun. -0-